Q: 97 Land cruiser Battery light on engine revving in when driving on 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Hi,thank you so much in advance! My 1997 land cruiser battery light has been coming on but after driving for 20-30 miles it goes off. When I crank it in the morning to leave for work the engine revs like the idle is too high. It continues to rev even while driving for about 20 miles. Today on the way home from work it started revving and did not stop. When in neutral or park it's as if my foot is on the gas revving the engine. The battery light is on now and won't go off.
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Have charging system checked for the light and if alternator is having problems then may be causing voltage delivery problems to idle speed circuits, throttle speed circuits or air metering circuits. Have the battery light addressed and see what happens after restart.