Q: 97 Accord overheating when idling on 1997 Honda Accord

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My 97 Accord is overheating when I come to a stop and idle. I've recently replaced the radiator, hoses, water pump, and thermostat. When I first noticed the problem, I heard the coolant boiling and spraying from the reserve tank. I noticed that my radiator cap appeared to be damaged and thought that the system was not being properly pressurized. I replaced the cap and coolant. This seemed to fix the problem for about a day. The day after, it started overheating when I come to a stop again. I checked the coolant and it was low in the radiator and the reserve was overflowing again. The fans are working. What else could be wrong?
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The radiator cap is indead an important part of the cooling system in both pressurizing the cooling system to raise its boiling point and to allow coolant to be recovered from the expansion tank. I am afraid you may have a mildly blown head gasket from your previous overheating issues. I will send you an article I wrote for Repairpal that we have not yet published, hopefully it may help.
Ensure your cooling fans are working properly.
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