Q: 96 z28 ss engine fires? on 1996 Chevrolet Camaro

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While sitting at a red light our 96 z28ss began to emite slite smoke from the front wheel wells. when noticed the light turned green as we were at a intersection of interstate on ramp & overpass,we proceeded one half block to next signal where on the right was half complete sopping center.Made right turn trying to remove the car and ourselfs from hurting anyone including ourselves we had to stop and bail out asflames were now coming up through the wiper cowel out the hood scoop and out the wheel wells.had the foresite not to pop the hood and found the fire ex. within a min.Alass the damage was extensive and done.Fuel rails & lines allof wiring harness on drivers side brake master and clutch.Smog pump coil & moud. abs brake controler plug wires air flow sensor.hood shocks wiper cowl and throtle cables and body sensor.Has anyone else had this heartbreaking and dangerous experance?
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