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Q: 96 Car High Revving too hard once car warms up: Transmission or Engine issue? on 1996 Chrysler LHS

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I have a 96 Chrysler LHS and my automatic transmission slips, jerks, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the car starts revving way too high (at relatively low speeds) once the car warms up. It feels like it will not shift into its proper gear when the car is warm (or at least that is how it feels). This ONLY happens WHEN THE CAR IS WARM! ALLOW ME TO EXPLAIN: If I let the car sit for a day then start it up and start driving while the car is still cold, I can go 85 MPH and the call will stay under 4,000 RPMS and drive smooth without any high revving. But as soon as the car gets warm, the engine revs over 6,000 RPMS just driving over 40 MPH!! its like the car will only operate in first gear when the car is warm... it won't do a natural shifting to the appropriate gear when the car is warm. I got my transmission rebuilt like 2 years ago and I doubt that is the issue, especially since I figure if it was a mechanical transmission issue, it wouldnt shift into its proper gears PERIOD, not just when it's warm! And just a week ago I flushed my transmission fluid and still no resolve. Im starting to think it may be a sensor issue but I don't know much about transmission sensors on a Chrysler LHS. Someone also told me that MAYBE it could be more of an issue with the ENGINE??? (havent changed the spark plugs in years). But would that explain why this only happens WHEN THE CAR GETS WARM??? IM REALLY TRYING TO FIGURE OUT IF THIS IS MORE OF A TRANSMISSION ISSUE OR MORE OF AN ENGINE ISSUE.... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE OUT WHAT IS WRONG HERE!
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This sounds like a transmission issue. I would go to an ATRA certified transmission shop and have them test drive your car.
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