Q: 95 Pontiac quad 4 going to spark plugs on 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

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smelling gas fouls plugs replace them runs fine then back to the same again.I've changed coils and cap still on going problem.And no codes it ran for a month fine then it started all over again.Can injectors be the problem? leaking when turned off.
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Double check the vacuum hose to the map. Make sure it fits snug and proper. Also check the fuel pressure regulator that it's not leaking raw fuel into the intake causing the engine to run rich.
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Not so much leaking, but sloppy injectors can cause over fueling on these. It's not an easy diagnosis in most cases, but you can see the fuel trims taking away fuel, and you essentially find no other reason for false fuel to be making it into the engine under just about all engine loads.
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