Q: 94 65,000 miles. Heater takes along time to heat, and the fan kicks very quickly on 1994 Dodge Dakota

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even in cold weather changed thermostat (didn't help). fan kicks on within 20 to 30 seconds after start-up... any ideas?
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Turn all heat/AC controls off to see if that fan comes on then. The actual engine cooling fan should be a mechanical clutch controlled fan! I think all 3 engine options use this system, you did not post eng. info.
Got to be the electric radiator fan that comes on when the A/C compressor needs it to. If the HVAC system were turned OFF, this fan will not come on!
But i guess someone will show corn man what i mean, i hope. Most likely heater core problem anyway, cool in IL. i guess.
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Check temp sensor, can be signaling fans to turn on early not letting engine warm up properly. Check temperature of upper and lower radiator hose with a temp gun. If there is a big difference even after fully warmed up check thermostat and water pump also for blockage in the system. check coolant condition as well.
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