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Q: 93 Lincoln Town Car ran well last year now only cranks over on 1993 Lincoln Town Car

My woman has a nice well kept 93 Towncar previously owned by her grandmother. Last year it started and ran well and has 91,200 or so miles. Now, being a mechanic I warned her about letting it sit and not starting it every week or so and drive it up and down the block to keep everything from dry rotting and falling apart. A year passes and every time she went to her grandmas she never started the car and it sits in a sunny south Florida drive way wasting away because she's an idiot and lazy never listening to my advice. Of course I get to fix it because I need to sell it so she just caused me to do more work since there is a crank over at the engine, the battery is new and always unplugged at the Neg. term., and the starter is solid and kicks it over great. Ether starting spray tells me it will ignite and pushed the stem on the fuel rail to check pressure on Passenger side fuel return line and no pressure! Well, I think that its the fuel pump but may also be a fuse. Anyone have advice because I originally assumed it was bad gas until cranking it and checking pressure on the lines. Thanks!
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If the pump cut off switch is not tripped, check for battery voltage at this switch. If battery voltage is present, replace the pump!! This is the easiest way to check for a fuse/relay or wiring problem to that point! From there it only leaves the wires to the pump or the pump itself. If no battery voltage is present at this switch, then start looking at fuses etc..
ok I was thinking it was something along the idea of a relay or fuse as my first option and then check down from there for voltage or resistance in some cases does anyone have a schematic???
IF there is battery voltage at the fuel pump cut off switch, in the trunk i think, then forget about the fuses and relays!!! It is either this enerita cut off switch , wiring to the pump or the pump itself! THAT'S IT!!! IS THERE BATTERY VOLTAGE AT THIS SWITCH???
Do you know what and where the enertia switch is??
not sure yet it was last night at 22:30hrs EST so I was too tired and too bit up by our vamp wild life called mosquitos! LOL, That was my first point of return though. No volt and I would have gone and checked fuses. I believe it runs off a -12 volts being it is submerged in gasoline fuel, right? I am not entirely sure. Last time I worked on a fuel gauge or pump was a year ago in my car and I think it was negative voltage since sparks and vapor fuel go boom! LOL.
you need to check fuel pressure with a gauge to get an accurate reading turn key on to see if you can hear the pump running if not check to see if the inertia switch has been tripped
LOL. No way bro... not me. I'm athletic build at 155lbs and a height of 67". Trust me when I say I can fit... I can fit under it and inside with the help of a 3ton floor jack and two 2 ton stands. Do you know what you have to do to drop a fuel tank in that 1993 Lincoln Towncar? Hell no way to time consuming. Thankfully I'm small enough to do it! I'm going in contortionist style and doing it from under and equipped up and intact. the pump is easy to see on the side wall of the tank opposite the rear trunk. Its factory glued in and banded with 14mm bolt bands not to mention half a tank of fuel with reconditioned octane to start the car. I assure you if this pump was running it would fire up with out a prob! But dropping it is far too much a project. I'm not going to waste my time on that since I can fit my arm. I need to sell this 18MPG V8 HOG for a nice family SUV either on a turbo inline 4 banger or Eco Boost V6 so I can save on cost of fuel and retro it to burn E85 Ethonal with Viton O-ring service kit for lower year cert. pre-owned. Make it safe to burn alternate fuels all around to get away from costs if not up to date. You are right on one thing if the pump is bad then it has to be replaced and Ill put my arm in the easy to fit 6 in or 7 in cover plate and hope the tank doesn't have fuel monsters and wipe out the inside.

Thank you everyone for the help when I head back over ill check all of it out and fill out the results in case someone else is having similar conditions from sitting too long and no fuel pressure, etc., etc.
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