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Q: 93 Ford Escort LX manual won't start, won't turn over. on 1993 Ford Escort

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I have a 1993 Ford Escort LX 2 door, 1.9L, manual, and it won't start, it won't even try to turn over. It seems to me that it is electrical, since the dash lights won't come on either.

I've been dealing with this problem for over a month now. Car has been to the shop 6 times, all they did was rebuild my starter. (which had gone bad, but works fine now.) But The car will completely shut off at random times 2 or 3 times a day(especially on hot days), even when I'm in traffic. If I'm lucky enough to get it to the side of the road while it still has momentum, I pop the hood, but nothing looks out of place, nothing is burning or leaking, and nothing is loose. When the car shuts off like this, it's completely dead. No dome lights, no dash lights, nothing. It's like someone took the battery out. (and the battery is fine, had that checked). But if I let the car sit for 5 minutes, I can get it started again. But if I try before the 5 minute period, nothing but the headlights turn on. And there's a very fast clicking from the dash when I turn the headlight nob, then everything shuts off again. Then I must wait another 5 minutes WITHOUT TOUCHING ANYTHING to get it to start. My mechanic thought that this problem was caused by some arcing in the fuse box in the engine. He also mentioned the bottom of the fuse box is melted from the arcing of this fuse that is bolted into the box. So he tightened that bolt on the side of that fuses and said "that should do it". It worked for 4 days, where the car didn't shut off at all. Then yesterday, the problem came back. And the car wouldn't start, even after waiting the 5 minutes. All it does is click when I try to start it or turn anything on. Me, my husband, and my trusted mechanics are all stumped on this problem. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to fix this? Please? Thanks.
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On a 1993 Ford Escort, the first thing to do with this type of problem is to replace the melted fuse panel and then address the headlight issue. Ford headlight switches are known to heat up and short. The clicking could be an over worked circuit breaker. So in review-> replace fuse panel, repair or even replace the head light switch and go from there. You are actually losing the connection to your battery when the fuse panel gets hot and warps. You can't fix the panel, you need to replace it.
i have a 1994 ford escort sometimes it will start up and sometimes it wont replaced pump and filter and relays what else
I was having the same probblem i relized that one of my power wires was shorting out thats probbly happening to ur car, let me know
I have one that did the same thing, had in analized, the computer was bad, had it replaced, it fixed the problem.
hi my name andre and i have 93 ford escort and it runs great.i think it migt be your timing belt.but if you would like to sell it give me a call and a price and i will take it off your hands. here is my telephone number302 358 6718 iam in delaware. hope to hear something from you about this car. i hope you will sell this car. call me anytime.
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