Q: 93 f150 for leaf spring were should I locate the hangers on frame? How far 4 all on 1993 Ford F-150

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I'm putting leaf springs out of 87 f250 on my 93 f150 and need to know were to mount the hangers on the frame but how far back should from the bumper brackets?
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Positioning of the shackles will determine the arc of the leaf and have an effect on how high it will be. I am not sure , maybe I'm interpreting your question wrong , but you are taking 3/4 ton leafs and putting them under what had 1/2 ton leafs ,right? If they were the same length to start with , you wouldn't need to change bracket (unless width is different) distance-again my interpretation- by bracket I'm thinking what I used to call a ' shackle'. I'm OLD............please correct me if I'm wrong!
But I am putting them in the front were it was a coil suspension and is now going to be leaf springs