Q: 92 honda accord life span on 1992 Honda Accord

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What's the average life (mileage) span of a 92 Accord with automatic transmission? Mine has 125,000 miles.
(2) Answers
I have a 92 Accord wagon and currently she has 259,000 on the original engine and tranny. I must say I love this car. While there are things that are wearing out and I have to replace, I can't complain about the service and dependability.
I have a 1992 EX wagon and it has 465000+K currently and still going....Resently it has had some excessive leaking and when I contacted my long time mechanic he stated " the car has 465K on it". Needless to say I have stopped taking my vehicle to that mechanic. He had basically written off my wagon. I have since used a driveway mechanic who has repaired the LEAKING and the "GREEN HORNET" is back on the road. You have a LOT more miles to get out of your car. Do your necessary oil changes and tune ups and you will continue to love your vehicle as I do mine. signed: HONDAS9192.......