92 camry engine stops when the car slowing down on 1992 Toyota Camry

The car drives perfect but when i take a freeway and hit +65mph something goes wrong and if I slowsdown for exit or traffic the engine stop. And the car start running after couple mins.

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have your alternator tested.
Thanks for answers
I start the engine today and leave the car at "N" around 15 min every 2-3 min i push the gas and the car was fine i start it 2 more times to see if
It will be fine and it worked.
I dont know cars actually have no idea :( but all i understand something goes wrong after +65mph
Any advise will help also i dont have budget to fix the problem at mechanic so i am trying to do something by my self watching videos and reading blogs and forums all i need to make 20 miles per day thats all
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i would check the fuel pump, fuel filter and fuel pressure. have you done tune up recently? maybe needs it by now. could be many things but you can starts there. good luck