Q: 90,000 mile service on 2000 Toyota Camry

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I need to have a 90,000 mile service done, including new drive belts and replacing valve cover gaskets. The dealership quoted me about $1200 for this. Does this sound reasonable, or like I'm being ripped off? Thanks for your help :)
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This is about the going rate for what a dealership would charge for a 90,000 mile service, with replacement of the drive belts and timing belt, along with the valve cover gaskets. This job takes 5+ hours, so that is why the cost is so high. You can shop around and likely find a better price, just make sure you are comparing the same service. Most shops will vary as far as what is done for a given service, so make sure you get them to explain the details of what is performed, and ask if they expect other additional costs when they do the job. Often times the water pump is replaced when the timing belt is serviced, and that will change the price considerably.