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Q: 90 day wheel balancing on 2005 Lexus ES330

I'm about to buy 2 new tires and would like to know if the additional cost of getting 90 day tire balancing done is worth it? Sears charges $14.99/tire. Times are tough and every cent counts. Also, should I have all 4 tires balanced or do I need to have only the 2 new ones?
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don't even purchase two new tires, just buy one and put the spare on. take the best one that you can use for a spare. only balance the new tire. If your spare is still new and balanced you can save a few dollars. when you rotate your tires don't balance every time. only balance if you notice a problem. most tire stores dont calibrate the balancing machine on a consistent basis so you never know what you are going to end up with. I have purchased new tires and been unhappy had the tires rebalanced at a different store and each tire was offf by.75 ounces which is a lot
I wouldn't pay for it. I usually get my wheels rotated and balanced in every 5000 miles or if I feel tire vibration - and I'm doing lots of off-roading. If I'd do only highway driving I'd balance and align my wheels once a year.
You need to research tires and choose a good one also. Personally I'd never buy G.Y. Wrangler tires, ever again...

Yep, talk about vibration! The car not only vibrates, the noise level in the cabin is deafening and the ride feels like the rear passenger tire has a bump! If I get the balancing done later on would the cost be more or less than $14.99/tire? NYPTBLUE
I use to buy my tires here:
See if there is a store near you. They use to be the cheapest and offer you lifetime rotation.
If I ever found a cheaper tire somewhere they matched or beat the other shop's price.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately per their store locator they don't have any stores nearby. The one nearest is several hundred miles away. But thanks again!
Anybody else what to chime in on Sears taking advantage of yet another customer?
These 'box store' sales techniques are the heart of their profits.
My advice- seek out another INDEPENDENT TIRE STORE that won't gouge you for simple tire installation procedures.
Thanks for the input. I had my reservation of going to Sears but hard to believe they were the cheapest for the Michelins. NYPTBLUE
It is typical to spend some money per tire to balance tires when installing them new. Sears, if I'm not mistaken (and by the way, i'm SO not an advocate for Sears or any other chain either...) will mount the tires for free, but charge for balancing. Paying between $10 - $20 for essentially mounting and balancing a tire is not out of line. Really. I do enough price shopping and know that this is the norm in the industry, at least everywhere I've been.

Suggesting Sears or anyone else gouges customers by charging $15.00 for a wheel balancing is simply unfair. Can you sometimes find promotions for "free mounting and balancing with the purchase of 4 tires"? Yes, you can. But here, the driver is seeking two tires, not four, and admittedly has found the cheapest price around for a set of Michelin's.

Mounting tires without then balancing them is simply absurd. Michelin's will do better than most brands going onto wheels, being a premium, well made product, but even still, need a balance, especially on wheels that are 6 years old. Otherwise, a vibration is nearly a guarantee at highway speeds.

NYPTBLUE, If you are mounting the two new tires on the front and leaving the best of the remaining two on the rear, you could cut some corners and leave the rear two without a fresh balancing. On the rear, you will notice less of any vibration, if any is present.

Also, I am concerned that you have such severe vibration presently. When does this vibration occur? What speeds? Do you feel it in your steering wheel? Or just the seat of your pants?
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