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Q: '88 Dodge Dakota surges at idle on 1990 Dodge Dakota

I have a '88 Dodge Dakota 6cyl pickup with 65,000 miles. It's started surging when idling and has a dead spot in the accelerator where it wants almost bog out and die but won't quite. Seems to run fine down the highway, but a bit rougher in town. Any ideas?
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The problem may be with your Idle Control Motor. On these older EFI models, the Idle motor or solenoid must be calibrated to a minimum and maximum idle speed. Indiscriminately turning the hex adjusting screw on the Idle motor will cause symptoms as you described. Place transmission in NEUTRAL position.
Apply parking brake and/or block rear wheels.
START vehicle and allow to run for at least two minutes.
Turn engine OFF, and allow 60 seconds to elapse for the throttle kicker to fully engage. Disconnect the electrical connector to the idle speed control actuator. Disconnect the electrical connector to the coolant temperature sensor. Connect a tachometer to the engine.
START the engine and allow to warm up to normal operating temperature. Adjust the extension screw on the idle speed control actuator to 2500 to 2600 rpm. Turn the engine OFF.
Reconnect the electrical connector to the idle speed control actuator.
Reconnect the electrical connector to the coolant temperature sensor, and erase any fault codes that may have been set. In addition, check and replace all vacuum hoses that are cracked, split or swollen,

Unbelievably helpful turned doubts of new truck into excitement that my nice looking sale is a good runner to I petty much bought this thing entirely on faith considering the way it was running Thank you so much
If you have money to waste then buy a throttle position sensor. because it is not OBD2 you can retrieve the codes by turning the key on and off three times, leaving it on the third time and watch the check engine light flash. Count the flashes. The first code will be 12 and the last code will be 55. Post the codes here and we can maybe help you more.
Well, I did as you said, and the check engine light flashed 5 times twice, so I'm assuming 55? Thanks much for the help.
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Have someone check the throttle position sensor (TPS) We replace these quite often for this problem;

Sorry, Expertec is correct, I misread 1998 rather than 1988
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