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Q: 88 crx dx engine swap gone bad! on 1990 Honda CRX

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I have an 88 CRX Dx that had we had finally worn the original motor out. A buddy put a 1990 civic dx motor with 70,000 miles on it into my car. I changed everything major but the computer and wireing harness.
The car starts and runs but if I hammer down on the gas it will stutter and backfire, then stall out unless I push the clutch in before it dies. they thought the timeing was off so we fixed that issue but it still backfires and dies if you push gas to hard or drive up an incline....even tring to get it up on a car hauler it dies!

Im confused and desperate for advise...she was my first car and had her for over 5 years. I want my baby back! Any help is much appreciated.
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I am presuming both engines are 1.5L SOHC D15B2 with Throttle body injection. Did you change the the block and cylinder head and then swop your manifold, distributor and all other sensors from your old engine to your "new" engine.
I just looked at the wiring diagram at the computer. The MAP sensor, TDC sensor, and Coolant temp sensor on both model year all go to the ECU at the same pins for both years.
It too difficult to guess whats wrong without seeing the car first hand. Check the basics. Recheck the camshaft timing, vacuum hose routing, ignition timing, check for vacuum leaks, fuel pressure and fuel volume
Just for interest see if you can listen to both fuel injectors as you rev up the engine. Use a long screw driver, put the blade edge up against the fuel injector and the handle end up against your ear. You should hear a clicking sound showing that the computer is actuating both injectors.
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Check and recheck the cam timing, ensure you turn the engine in the proper direction of rotation. When done check compression or valve clearances to ensure no valve damage. If valves were set after repairs, the clearances should not have changed. If you have "bigger clearances" I hope there are no bent valves. But hopefully every thing will turn out OK. Looking forward to hearing what fixes this problem.
I used a little from both engines. I took the intake manifold and distributer, alternater from my car's engine. I had to take a pully too, but that doesnt make a difference. The injectors from my old engine were only a year old so I used those and used the exhaust manifold from the newer engine. I am betting on the camshaft not being correct. the friend who put the engine in was haveing problems getting the cam lined up and working correctly.
Check the computer ground at the thermostat housing. Then see if you swapped the IAC plug with the O2 plug
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