Q: 60000 mile service on 2009 Lexus RX350

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what should be done for 60k mile service?
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Take a look at the RepairPal Estimator following this link;
Please review the Scheduled Maintenance section.
Taken from 2007-2009 Lexus RX 350 Warranty and Services Guide (Maintenance Requirements):

Schedule Maintenance Log @ 72 months or 60,000 miles:

1) Replace engine oil and oil filter, reset reminder light.
2) Rotates tires.
3) Measure brake pad thickness and rotor runout.
4) Replace Air Conditioner filter.
5) Replace brake fluid.
6) Replace engine air filter.
7) Road test the vehicle.
8) Inspect the following:
Axle shaft boots, Ball joints and dust covers, Body, Brake lines and hoses, Engine coolant, Exhaust pipes and mountings, Fuel line and connections, Fuel tank band and fuel tank vapor vent systems hoses, Fuel tank cap gasket, Rack and pinion assemly, Steering linkage and boots, Transmission fluid, Rear differential oil (AWD only), Transfer case oil (AWD only).

Additional Maintenance required if you drive primarily under the following conditions:
Driving off-road, on dirt roads or dusty roads:
1) Tighten nuts and bolts on chasis
Driving while towing:
1) Replace rear differential oil (AWD only)
2) Replace transfer case oil (AWD only)
3) Replace transmission fluid
4) Tighten nuts and bolts on chasis

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