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Q: 6 disc cd player problem on 2004 Mercury Monterey

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I am having problems with my 6 disc cd player. When playing a cd it will stop at any time making a loud popping and crackling noise. The display will blink on and off or it will be half lit and then it will cut off. After a few minutes it will come back on. I have taken it in to the dealer numerous times. They replaced it and it still does it. They say they can't find anything wrong. I am frustrated. Can you help?
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Did the dealer take out the unit, try and have it fixed, and then put the unit back in? Did they try a new unit?

Sounds like they are having trouble fixing it, and those things can be notoriously difficult to repair correctly. You may have more luck with an aftermarket specialist, but this is likely who they are sending it to anyway. Still, getting an opinion from a radio specialist is probably the best thing to try next.
Wow. If they put in a new player and they saw the same behavior, then it's clearly not the player. It must be some other electrical problem, which the dealership really should be equipped to chase down and fix. If they are having trouble doing that, it's a red flag to perhaps find another place to fix your car.
Sorry to hear about all of the problems. Radio problems, especially intermittent ones, are really tough.

Try a radio specialist. They may have prior experience and know where to look better than the dealer. It's worth a try.
Yes, they put a new stereo and cd player in and it still is acting the same way. Could the problem be with the grounding or something with wiring?
They never heard it. Every time I take it in they say they can't find anything but they replaced it anyway the one time. It happens whenever we go somewhere and everyone in my family has been in the car when it has happened. I am frustrated because I want it to stop. I am wondering if it might have something to do with the car being hot. We have had 100 plus temps. here in Texas and my van sits outside.
I have the same problem. Apparently EVERYTHING goes through the radio. Security system, everything. I think it's a major problem that Mercury doesn't want to own up to yet.
I have a 2005 Mercury Monterey and have experience a similar problem. My CD player quit working, but it often kicks in and tries to work, so that it makes a very annoying whirring sound but never kicks in. This happens even when the car is shut off and has been sitting parked and off for long periods. More recently, the radio will not come on when you start the car and instead just flashes the station numbers. It usually kicks in eventually and works, but the amount of time that ttakes varies widely.
having same exact problems, CD player has stopped, traction control has stopped, windows and sliding doors work on occasion and then stop, now the DVD player is acting up and won't even turn off after you hit power button or turn off the car. Just had my fourth alternator put in. Definitely a ground problem within the entire electrical system and Mercury should own up, please send your issues directly to them as I will and they need several complaints before they will address
I had a problem with a complete entertainment system.. Dealer said they would pull it and send it out.. I opted to go to PERZAN in Milbourne, PA... a shop I used in 1960--- they are the best.. they did a complte analysis, and tried to fix it in their shop before sending it to a specialist. It was repaired and works fine--- somewhat expensive, but you get what you pay for---- system includes dvd, cd, am/fm and satellite add-on... funny thing is it happened to fail while at the dealer when getting the transmission fixed on recall.
Same problem for me. I had a new battery put in that started it.
CD player and radio began malfunctioning, and power doors quit working using the overhead
buttons and key fob. The dealer reset a number of module codes and the power doors are working again.
They said they couldnt reset any codes for the sound system.

Still looking for help.
Were you ever able to get this fixed? I am having the same issue with the cd changer in my 2004 monterey. Also the issue with the "check traction control" light comes on sometimes when I am braking at a stop sign.

As for the heat effecting the stereo, I doubt that's it because I live in northern Minnesota. :) Not too warm up here.
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