Q: 57,700 miles, dealer recommends electronic fuel injection service. Normal? on 2004 Honda CR-V

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We regularly use fuel injector cleaner, MPG has never changed from 23-25, no apparent problems, maintenance schedule doesn't mention. Scam?
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Not needed! Won't call it a "scam" but the sale of a service you just do not need! My opinion!! I am sure others will disagree, especially those with this fuel service machine! Just keep using a cleaner with 'Techron', by Chevron, at every 'other' oil change and change the fuel filter now and again at about 100k mi. Anyway that seems to work very well here in Franklin Co. Va. Folks around these parts have been known to make their own brand of additive, called 200 poof! (Pure) So I have been told!!!
I would call it a scam! I work at a honda dealer and we used to (key phrase 'used to' ) have a guy that liked selling that service and almost all of those cars came back with problems. Just use quality gas and good maint. , you'll be alright.
I agree 100% with pushrod. If there are no issues that could point to dirty injectors, then this is not needed.