Q: 528.i won't start on 1997 BMW 528i

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97 528.i bmw.. car wont start.. ews box, ignition, and new key was still wont start. factory alarm seems to be preventing it from turning me please....
it use to start when i would disconnect the battery ,let it rest 20 minutes then reconnect the battery. then start. now nothing..everything else works good..
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When the EWS is replaced, makes sure it is the same EWS version, there was a chageover with E39 and also following replacement, CODING of the EWS is to be carried out. Which can be done at any BMW dealer, BMW ISTA/P (new programming software) might reject used EWS control units(MIGHT, not too sure), some dealers still have access to PROGMAN (old bmw programming software).
This is going to require a wiring diagram and some electrical troubleshooting to figure out what signal is not being sent to start the vehicle. There are so many possibilities with these car and you may want to consider having a shop look at this. Find a good BMW shop and they will know what to check.
i have the same problem and i did some research and i was told i can be the tumbler(ignition lock sylonoid) which is the ignition switch. so im working on it and hopefully it is and if it is ill let you guys know.