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Q: 4x4 indicator light on 2003 Dodge Ram 2500

trying to find information about the 4x4 indicator light that is in the dashboard, if this in the year the truck was made is the light suppose to come on if the truck is put into 4 wheel drive. Been told that this year the light is an option
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The selector switch assembly is mounted in the left side of the vehicle's Instrument Panel (IP) and consists of a rotary knob connected to a resistive network for the mode and range shift selections. Also located in this assembly is a recessed, normally open momentary switch for making shifts into and out of transfer case NEUTRAL. A pen, or similar instrument, is used to make a NEUTRAL shift selection, thus reducing the likelihood of an inadvertent shift request. The selector switch also contains four light emitting diode's (LED's) to indicate the transfer case position and whether a shift is in progress. The LED's in the selector assembly are illuminated/flashed in the following manner to indicate a particular condition or state.

A solidly illuminated LED indicates a successfully completed shift and the current operating mode of the transfer case. While a shift has been requested but not yet completed, the LED for the desired transfer case position is flashed.
A flashing operating mode LED for the desired gear indicates that a shift to that position has been requested, but all of the driver controllable conditions have not been met. This is in an attempt to notify the driver that the transmission needs to be put into NEUTRAL, the vehicle speed is too great, or some other condition outlined (other than a diagnostic failure that would prevent this shift) elsewhere is not met. Note that this flashing will continue indefinitely until the conditions are eventually met, or the selector switch position is changed, or if diagnostic routines no longer allow the requested shift. If the driver attempts to make a shift into transfer case NEUTRAL, and any of the driver controllable conditions are not met, the request will be ignored until all of the conditions are met or until the NEUTRAL select button is released. Additionally the neutral lamp will flash, or begin to flash while the button is depressed and operator controllable conditions are not being met. All of the LED's except the Neutral will flash if any of the operator controllable conditions for shifting are not met while the Neutral button is depressed. This "toggle" type of feature is necessary because the Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM) would interpret another request immediately after the shift into transfer case NEUTRAL has completed.
No LED's illuminated indicate a fault in the transfer case control system.

This is alittle confusing, My truck is a manual operated 4 wheel drive, When the truck is put into 4 wheel drive No lights/indicator light come on, I read in the manual its suppose to flash until the 4 wheel drive is locked in but no lights come one, I was told by the place I am buying it from, and they were told by a dealer in NY that my year truck is not equipped with this option even tho there is a 4x4 writting under the tach.
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