Q: 4wd w/manual locking hubs goes into partial frnt locks up on 1996 Mazda B3000

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recently it locked up the front wheels, & i could only move fwd by locking hubs & going into 4wd. while this is happening the rear wheels spin trying to move goes backwards w/o a problem, even if frnt is locked. lots of noise under truck
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In reverse it is ok: then remove both the locking hubs and drive it, just the part with the lock actuator! Post results.
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What locked the front wheels if hubs were unlocked? don't understand your question. Bad front differential?
don't know what caused the front wheels to lock up (freeze up} . if the hubs were unlocked it shouldn't have frozen the wheels. could this be bad hubs or a bad differential?
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Yes if bearings are bad, jack it up put transfer case in neutral, see if front driveshaft turns freely, (unlock your hubs first) then make sure your wheels turn freely. Probably one or the other.
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