Q: 4WD Buttons on 2006 Hyundai Tucson

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I purchased a used 2006 Tucson and it did not come with a manual...I have 4WD and I see the button but underneath says LOCK...what does that mean and next to says ESC...what does that mean also. If anyone know could you please let me know.
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Usually the LOCK refers to locking the differentials for more traction in very bad road conditions, like in snow. The ESC stands for Electronic Slip Control which controls the amount of power given to each wheel when there are slippery road conditions. For example if 1 wheel is slipping on ice, the power is redirected to the other wheels that still have proper traction.
the lock button should lock the car into 4wheel drive unlocked it should be in 2 wheel also the esc (electronic stability control) will cut power to a slipping wheel and apply it to wheels that are gripping (mine came in hand on the snow) the esc is automatically on unless you push the button to turn it off, if it is off you will see the esc light illuminated on the dash if so push the button and the light will go off it is now active also when active if your car starts to slip in snow or mud the light will flash as it kicks in and you will notice the car tend to jerk to gain traction
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