Q: 4th gear/overdrive on 1990 Mercury Grand Marquis

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when car shifts to overdrive and you let off the gas the transmisson kicks out of gear like it was shifted to neutral give it a lot of gas it starts working again 123 &reverse work fine only does this in overdrive
(1) Answer
I went to an auto repair shop and they told me that this happens to this car a lot. My husband was driving and the car would not go into any gear. The car runs perfect, but we thought it was a transmission problem. Luckily, we were told this happens to this model a lot and hopefully this will only be a sterring wheel column replacement and the car will go shift into gear and run like new. I have a newer version of this car and it is starting to show the same gear shifting problems....great. If it is common in these cars...I would avoid. I have a new car that is acting like an old car, not cool.