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Q: #4 plug not firing and oil in air filter. on 1995 Ford Escort

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Plug not firing replaced it, checked all fuel lines, bypassed fuel purge valve and fuel canister. No oil in water or water in oil so head not cracked. Could it be a burnt valve or the valve seat.
I am assuming you have checked for spark? Bore scope (or maybe with a flashlight) look in the spark plug hole and check cylinder 4 to see if piston is damaged. Burnt valve or valve seat will not put oil in the air filter. However a damaged piston from a 'dislodged valve seat' SURE WILL!
If any piston damage you need an engine as the head is also trashed and not worth fixing. (Car pretty nice and in good shape?) I have had 3 of these engines in the last 2 months that turned out just as i have described, so that is why i am telling you this! Any compression on 4? Was the spark plug damaged at all like the gap mashed shut? Is it or was it knocking at all? Let us know what you find.
I really do hope i am wrong, good luck.
The plug was not damaged at all on any cylinder or no kind of knocking noise. The plug is not getting spark at all to it. The engine is a no interference engine so I looked the piston anyways and it has no damage at all that I can see. Should I go on and pull the head and send it to be worked and valves to be checked because I done the old fashioned test of sticking a dollar bill to tailpipe and it sucked it in which usually means burnt valve from what I hear.
You probably need to get a mechanic to help you out hands on! No spark to a spark is going to be the coil pack, the plug wire or the plug! That is IT.!!! Got nothing to do with oil in the air filter at all! Any engine has the potential of being an interference engine if the valves are held open due to a mechanical problem. Paper held to the tail pipe with a misfire for ANY reason will do the same thing! The burnt valve only theory is just like you said, hearsay! Compression test is a real test and will tell if a cylinder has a problem! Put you money back in your pocket, you may need it to buy parts. The coil pack CAN cause a single cylinder misfire by the way.
Hope you get it fixed.
New plugs plug wires and coil pack also new timing ,fuel filter ,ignition control module, PCM, cleaned injectors and took intake and valve cove cleaned both, and I asked a mechanic and they said the engine is built as a no interference motor the oil in air they said is from low compression on rings or Pcv valve so put new Pcv valve o. Still oil in air filter but they said a valve will cause the plug not to get fire.
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