Q: 3x CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR's check engine light? on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

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My Chevy lumina-sedan 3.1L V6, 1995's ECU module shows the 3X Crankshaft position sensor's signal error. The sensor was removed and has been reinstalled. Does it require retraining the ECU? what is the right sensor voltage from cranking the engine in order to diagnose this sensor?

If need to replace, what is the best way to reach it? it locates on the back side of the engine block near firewall!

Thanks in advance.
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Yes, it starts up and runs fine, in my opinion. But the code scanner indicates "3x crankshaft position signal error". Does it require training? or just a intermitten bad sensor&connection? thanks
Can have a crankshaft position relearn procedure performed with a professional scanner, that may help.
Thank you for your help. My scanner can not train this crankshaft position sensor;
if I leave it as such, will it cause any problems or damages?
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