Q: 3rd Bad Alternator? REALLY? Can something else be making my alternator go out?? on 2002 Infiniti I35

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Jan 2011- replace alternator. April 2012 Car starts stalling while driving, got codes checked and replaced bad O2 sensors. Car still stalls while driving (battery and brake lights flickering). Had alternator replaced(04/12) car seemed to be okay until August 2012, battery/brake lights flicker car loses power. Replace battery- car starts but it doesn't fix problem. Take car to guy that works on electrical components only- says alternator is fine. Runs car all day (sitting in shop) air conditioning, lights on, etc..says alternator is charging/running correct amps (whatever its supposed to do) I pick up and you guessed it- on way home lights start to flicker again. (I'm out of $$)So... Car sits from August to May 2013. Put charged battery into car, starts like a champ- get car to shop. They call me and it needs a new alternator. Well, seems to me that something is making the alternator keep going bad. I think that they think I am being super paranoid but I think it's more than I just got a "bad" alternator, I know that happens but why would alternator guy say my alternator is ok but after I drive it, then it gives me the loss of power and flickering brake and battery light? I just want my car fixed!!!!! Any help is appreciated!!!
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That might just be your problem! However NAPA has a Power Supreme 'remanufactured' unit that is as good as you can get! It is prob. 250.00 but in this case worth every cent. They have upgrades inside that exceed OEM specs!
Wow! I didn't realize that "which" brand alternator could make a difference. I should hear something from the shop today and I'll find out. I hope that's all it needs! Will follow up!
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