Q: 3.0L V6 - unable to get the block heater core off the engine. on 1994 Mazda B3000

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The heater screw is loose and dangling. There is a bolt located directly below the heater core - it takes an L wrench (allen key) but will not move. Do i need to loosen this lower bolt? - if so, how?
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What are you doing to this truck? Block heater core has no meaning! Do you mean the heater core, is that what you are trying to replace?
Maybe they meant 'engine block heater'?.........or pieces of whats left of a broken one?
Hi guys: Happy new year and thanks for replying. Please accept my apologize for not replying took me out of town. Yes, i am in the far north :)

Yes, It is the engine block heater. There is the engine block heater, than right below that is a 'bolt' that takes the L-wrench (allen key?). Does that 'bolt' have to be loosened or removed in order to remove the engine block heater itself. Also, the screw that locks down the engine block heater has broken off and i believe the 'locking wing nut' behind the heater itself, is still locked in place. Thanks in advance for any assistance you might is deeply appreciated.
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