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Q: 25 amp power door lock / accessory fuse keeps blowing on 2002 GMC Savana 1500

Why does the 25 amp power door lock / accessory fuse keeps blowing? From what I have read on the internet this seems to be a common problem in 1999-2003 models but i have found no solution.
Thanks, Ron
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Is this a conversion van? If so there's not any one thing I've seen but several things. Mostly where the conversion comapny has run a screw thru the wiring or is chafed somewhere. It's almost impossible to find unless it happens frequently or all the time. The power seat ajusters, door lock relay, door lock receiver module, interior lamp control are all fed off this fuse. I suggest you try to get a good electrical tech to try and diagnose this. I have even had to separate these items at the fuse block to isolate which component or circuit is causing the fuse to blow, which can be very time consuming. Hope this helps. Good Luck
Do you have power seats in your 2002 GMC Savana van? If so an inspection of the wiring in and around the seats would be in order. Coming out of the floor under the seat should be two fairly large wires, one orange and one black. Pay close attention to the large orange wire, that would be the circuit powered by the 25 amp fuse that keeps blowing. Look for damage to the insulation of the orange wire in and around the seat. If the orange wire shorts to ground the 25 amp fuse will blow. If you don't find any thing in the area of the seats or you don't have power seats, try and follow the wire harness out of the fuse box and look for damage - look carefully around the area of the park break assembly. You should know when you finally find the problem, there should be no mistaking the damaged wire. If the copper strands of the wire are OK and not broken all that will be necessary to make the repair will be some electrical tape and possibly some tie straps to secure the wire away from whatever damaged it.
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