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Q: 2.4L vehicle w/91k mi & the timing belt wasnt replaced, should waterpump be also on 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Afraid to drive/purchase this vehicle since timing belt should have been replaced at 60k mi and no has 91k. Knowing the belt could snap at anytime and cause major repairs and expense. But if we are going to replace the timing belt, should the water pump be replaced at the same time, and are there any other belts that should be replaced while it is undergoing this service. Thank you.
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That's just the issue. The dealership said they don't recommend replacing the waterpump until after the second timing belt replacement. But the timing belt has never been replaced yet and the vehicle now has over 91k mi. I read where another owner of same yr & model had to replace his waterpump just before his 5yr warranty expired and bought his Eclipse brand new. Another auto repair shop (whom I trust) said since they have to remove so much to get to replace the timing belt, that they recommend the waterpump be replaced too. So I can go cheaper and just have the timing belt changed or spend almost double to have both replace. I need a reliable/experienced opinion.
This water pump is NOT driven by the timing belt! That means if the pump were to go bad it wont mess up the engine timing. Howerver replacing it at the same time will/should save some $ on labor as opposed to having to do it later. The reason everyone harps about changing the water pump, @ the time of timing belt replacement, is 'some' engines use the timing belt to turn the water pump! IF this were the case and the pump were to go bad and mess up the timing belt, then it could/would severely damage the engine, your 'pump' will NOT!! I suggest to my customers to replace any componet that is even in the slighest doubt while i am already looking at the part in question. Good mechanic should be able to do the same! Listen to your mechanic! (Whom you trust)
Hope this helps.
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