Q: 2012 Sante Fe SE whistling noise windshield vent on dash or windshield? on 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe

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It started last week. It was first noted on the passenger side of the dash/window/door. Then the next week the whistling is now across the dash (windshield vent?) This only happens on an open highway on I90 North. I have been highway driving since I purchased this vehicle without a problem until last week. This problem started in one spot and has gotten worse over the period of one week. Any other people reported this complaint?
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I just started having the same problem. I have had the truck in to get fixed twice with no luck. Today I called a different dealership and spoke with the service manager. He told me the sound is coming from the front windshield molding. There is currently no solution for this issue. He is contacting Hyundai Canada to report the issue as his Santa fe is doing the same. Hope this helps.
a very thin bead of glue under the edge of the moulding, will fix this up. I am a Hyundai master tech in one of the windiest places in Canada and we run into this quite a bit.
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