Q: 2010 Honda Civic Change Oil Light Reset on 2010 Honda Civic

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How do I reset the change oil light on my 2010 Honda Civic?
(2) Answers
Put the key in the ignition but don't turn it. Press the tripometer reset button and while holding it in, turn the key to the on position so the dash lights come on. Continue to hold the tripometer button until the reminder light goes off. The light will pop up at about every 5K miles. Very easy to reset.
1. turn key to on position
2. Hold far left sel/reset switch
3. wait 10 seconds , oil life will flash
4. release finger from sel/reset switch
5. depress sel/reset button again for five seconds, dash dsiplay will change to milage.
6. turn key off and then on, cycle through sel/reset switch, your oil is now 100%