Q: 2008 xc70 w/4500 miles...blinking engine light w/rough start (then light went out) on 2008 Volvo XC70

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Bit of history: A few days ago the check engine light came on (steady). Took it to the Volvo dealer mechanic who said the code showed misfires in cylinders 2, 3 & 4 but could find no reason behind it. The codes were cleared out and the light has not come back on.

This morning when I started the car (it was about 55 degrees outside), it started very rough and the check engine light blinked for about 8 seconds then went out and the idling came down to normal. I restarted it a couple times and it seemed normal. I drove it to work and it did fine. The check engine light did not come back on.

We've only had this car for a week and it's not feeling very reliable.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this or what my next step should be?

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This needs to go back to the Dealer, request that the shop foreman or lead tech look at this. Ask that they check all the technical information from Volvo for related information. This doesn't occur for "no reason" and it needs to be addressed. Ask that they get the factory technical support (FTS) person from Volvo to get involved if the shop cannot fix the problem.
Be nice and courteous but let them know they need to get this addressed and that they need to use their resources to fix this. Make sure they note everything on the repair order during each visit as well.
Good Luck, let us know what they find out.
My schedule hasn't allowed me to take the car back into the shop. Since the rough-start-up-day the car has been starting and running fine. No lights have come back on. I'm thinking I'm going to wait it out and then act on your advice if and when the next problem occurs.
Thanks so much for such a quick and thorough response! What a great site.