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Q: 2008 Hyundai Elantra when we try to start it, it sounds like it is flooded.
on 2008 Hyundai Elantra

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Tried jumping it, put gas in it cause it was below E...
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How does one sound when it's flooded? Have someone check for spark at the plugs to start with. Post results for more info after test.
Like it wants to start but don't....No we haven't an I don't know how to, but am willing to try if you tell me how to.
Be right there!
Got to be a car savvy buddy around, give a shout out. It's just too much typing! Oh...WTH, tell me exactly what happened from the last time you drove until now. Like just got in it this morning and....
Really...that would be great....Well on 12/23/2013 she drove the car an it was fine then that night she moved her car closer to the house an it was good. On Christmas Eve when she was getting ready to leave it would not start, like it said it sounds like how a car try's to start when someone floods it. I tried jumping it, put gas in, an check the battery cables, pressed on the acceloration still it didn't start. It wants to but it just isn't getting what ever it needs to. I am not so sure but I was thinking one of two things either the spark plugs or the fuel pump. Would you like my number to call
Let's try this first, how many miles are on it and has the timing belt been changed before? Have you ever replaced the spark plugs in an engine? Any engine.
It is not my car so I will answer this as best as I can. I believe there is like 87,000 miles or so....No I have not ever changed spark plugs or really done any mechanical work on any vehicle ever....sorry I am a woman who don't like to get my hands greasy if I don't have to...Like the Kitchen instead...just had to throw that in....I don't believe the timing belt has been changed, but I am not really sure of that
I understand! The first thing that needs to be done is replace the spark plugs and try to start it since it sounds like it wants to start. Lot of times if the plugs get too much gas, replacement is the only fix. Also you were right, that is exactly how one sounds when flooded!! You got that part right!! Get someone to help you out and install new spark plugs. Let me know how y'all make out with it.
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