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Q: 2008 ford ranger 2.3 Batt volt 12.67, clicking from under hood when try to start on 2008 Ford Ranger

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Truck ran normally. When trying to restart turned key to run,lites came on, went to start, went totally dead. no warning lites, no door chime, no headlites/brake lites, however dome lite came on when door was opened. towed home. disconnected batt. connected charger to cables, turned the key to run,all indications normal. reconnected batt, set charger to boost/start. all I got was a clicking noise from under hood. have batt on slo charge but batt was at 12.67v. Where do I look next. Thanks
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Jumper solenoid to see if starter cranks!.. IF not.... Then try that again with charger hooked up ...on boost start... Post results for repair info...
Thanks for the suggestion. The truck is a 5 speed manual. I would have to disable the clutch safety, wouldn't I? Thank you for your assistance.
First thing to do is clean battery cables on a fully charged, good battery!! .. Then... Just be Damn sure transmission is in NEUTRAL WITH PARK BRAKE ON!!... Jumping solenoid Bypasses all other starting circuits and test the starter motor itself directly... Be careful when jumping small wire to battery cable on starter as not to touch any other metal objects with jumper while testing... This is a bulletproof test of the starter motor and solenoid that will lead you to the problem!!! ... After testing.... Let me know what's up! ... IF you are unsure what to do... Get some hands-on help!
I'll probably have to get some hands on help. I know the mechanical part oh, but the electrical system is a complete mystery. Thank you again for your time. I will let you know when I get it fixed.
OK. I feel like a dummy. I took the battery out of my Escort & installed it in truck. naturally the negative batt cable was too short. After much tugging I got it hooked up. SOB it fired right up. Battery is a motocraft. Its showin me a "Green Eye" and is holding 12.6gv.I'm gonna have it load tested. Once again thank you all who responded. I'll post the results of the load test. Thanks again ! Up date . Battery rated @ 540 C.C.A. actual when tested 2. I never had one go like that before. Thank's again !
starter solonoid/starter alot of times if the solonoid is going out (getting stuck) you can tap it with a hammer ,this shoul free it up and you might be able to start it. if so go out and get your vehicle a new starter/solonoid . ps. alot of parts suppliers now can test your old starter/solonoid to verify its condition and ,always check your repair mannual some makes or manufacturers use shims amongst other specs to install/alighn your statrer in its proer position.
I've had bad starters before (on different vehicles) and none ever totally disabled the dash warning /head lites/brake lites. I'll do some troubleshooting in the AM. Thanks for the reply.
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