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2007 Chevrolet Suburban excessive oil consumption

(2007 Chevrolet Suburban 1500)
in Monroe, NY on April 21, 2009
need to add 2-3 qts. engine oil every 2000 or even less is that normal?
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on March 18, 2010
No its not normal. This is a fraud. Let me explain. A client of mine (I am an attorney) made a Lemon Law claim, GM ignored/denied her claim, and then we were supplied with an Internal PI (preliminary investigation) report that outlined the oil consumption problem stating the cause was unknown (although thought to be stuck piston rings) and that replacing the rings was no guarantee because, again, the cause is unknown. Meanwhile, GM pretends there is no problem (that it's within there oil comsumption guidlines which were created arbitrarily to combat these complaints), when not only do they know a problem exists. However, its simpler to deny that a valid claim/problem exist because they don't know what the cause is or how or if it can be fixed(thus, a recall would be pointless).
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on December 10, 2010
Just got word today, my '07 Yukon XL will have new pistons and rings installed next week. I have been going thru oil consumption tests for the last year and been seeing a problem since 50K miles, I now have 88K on the vehicle. Dealer kept telling me 1 qt. every 1000 miles was normal. Finally two months ago during the oil consumption test (OCT), the check engine light came on. Misfire in the the # 3 cylinder. After inspection, they found excessive oil and a fouled plug(found where all the oil was going, no leaks or smoke). The installed the shield and we started another OCT. Check engine light came on again within 1500K of the shield install. This really worries me. Not sure if I keeping the vehicle or going to cut my losses. I am all for a lemon law claim. My last Yukon went to 200k, i had hope to have the same good service out of this one. If this fixes the issue, great, but I am not so sure.
on January 05, 2011
How do we take advantage of the lemon law?

service bulletin number 10-06-01-008a for the deflector “fix”
It hasn't fixed my 2007 suburban. Now we push for a new set of rings & pistons.

on August 11, 2010
Sounds like plenty of of us have this problem to varying degree's, but nobody has a solution. Any lawyers out there want to start a class action suit ?
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on April 27, 2009
I have a also have a 2007 Suburban that has this issue. It started at 20,000 miles and has had 4 major repairs done and still consumes. I finally took GM to court under the Lemon Law. I have all the service bulletins that discuss this problem and an e-mail from GM that states after all these repairs have been made and it still consumes oil-don't fix it, GM is still reviewing the problem. If you have done any research online, you will see many cases like this.
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on August 12, 2010
do you still have them service bulletins? if so could i get copies? PLease lol
on January 10, 2011
If you could post if they are resolving this issue....we'd love the help in trying to get this fixed!!! thank you!!
on November 24, 2009
Update- I just brought my 2007 Suburban for low oil problems. The dealer told me there is a new service Bulletin out from chevy. It states that is within chevys acceptability range to burn 1qt of oil per every 1000 miles... I think something's wrong here ....
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on July 14, 2015
I have had the same problem and it ended up being the valve seals so w the diagnostic it runs bout 450.00
on April 22, 2009
How much oil are you needing to add? Is there any evidence of a leak under the car.

The car is awfully new to be consuming excessive amounts of oil between services. You are under warranty, so I would take it to the dealership to see if there are any problems that need to be fixed.
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on November 24, 2009
A quart every 1,000 miles is normal? Did they give you the bulletin number? You should check to verify that the bulletin actually addresses your vehicle.

That level of oil consumption seems really, really high, and you've got reason to be skeptical an challenge them.
on April 22, 2009
my dealer (not a GM authorized) says, "it's a known issue, and I should take it to a GM dealership for warranty services, anyone with this situation?
on January 05, 2011
service bulletin number 10-06-01-008a for the deflector “fix”
It hasn't fixed my 2007 suburban. Now we push for a new set of rings & pistons.
on June 12, 2011
Update on my 2007 suburban. I was having the same issues as everyone else which started at about 30,000 miles. Oil consumption blue smoke on startup, and constantly going to the dealership for the dreaded oil consumption tests. The dealership was pretty good with trying to fix the problem but it seemed like it was a trial by fire type of fix, like the oil baffel install and then replacing new pistons/ and rings, but it wasn't until I documented the plume of oil smoke when I started the engine that they really started looking at it (posted it on youtube). At 86,000 miles (thats 50 + thousand miles later) They found a solution that seems to be holding so far (its been 3000 miles) no blue smoke and no oil consumption so far. They were going to take my suburban in to rebuild the valves etc but found a service bulliten stating that some to the pcv valves were defective so they replaced the left valve cover (it has a baffel built in to prevent the oil getting slopped into the pcv valve causing oil consumption. they also replaced the pcv valve. I hope this solves our problem, I will keep you all updated
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on July 11, 2011
Did this work do you still have the problem I just bought a 2007 Suburban and it has the oil comsumption issue. Can you let me know if this worked

on July 14, 2011
I have a 2007 Suburban LTZ at 43000 had new rings and pistons put in it and now at 65000 they are going to be putting valve seals in it! Very frustrating when the plan was to keep this vehicle till it didn't drive anymore!! Anyone that wants to get together to make GM realize that they have a problem and help us all out I'm in!!
on February 23, 2012
wanted to see if anyone is still having a problem with this issue. I am an attorney and I was just contacted by one of my clients who was having a similar problem, but the dealer is not even interested in helping him fix this.
on February 29, 2012
I had the baffel put in about 10K ago, it seemed to work for awhile but know I'm back to two or three quarts between oil changes (@ 5K). I never had a blue smoke problem and my dealer will work with me but I honstly think GM is just waiting for this run of vehicles to fade into the background. I don't think they know how or it's too expensize to fix the real problem ?
I think GM should have been called on the carpet legally a long time ago.

Keep me up to date
on March 08, 2012
To Whom It May Concern:

My Wife and I bought a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 LTZ 4WD 5.3 L with 25,205 miles on June 22nd 2009. This was one exciting day for us as we always dreamed of owning a luxury vehicle such as the Suburban. I have been a Chevrolet fan and owner. We currently also own a 1967 Chevelle Super Sport for which we use to feel so much pride in owning and showing this vehicle at many car shows.

Over the last 31 months or so we have been back and forth to Chevy to get numerous repairs on items such as the battery, leaking roof, electronic running boards, rear defrost, CV boot, brakes, radio buttons that were sticking, moldy head liner, broken door handle, rear camera, faulty electronic folding seats and last but no least the truck has burning unusually high amounts of oil. Many of these repairs took months and countless trips to Chevy before they were fully resolved. The one outstanding and major issue is the high oil consumption which we are still looking for a resolution.

This has put an enormous amount of stress on us as we have taken many days off of work and spent many hours going to the car rental shop filling out paper work each time and then when you drop off the rental its more hassle. They inspect the rental then you standby until they can shuttle you back to the dealer to pick up your car that still not repaired properly.

My biggest concern is what damage has been done to the engine during the years of oil consumption test that Chevy has put us through. We were instructed on many occasions not to add oil because we have not reached the 1,000 or 2,000 mile increment instructed to us by the service manager. There was one time my wife called the service manager and said the oil light came on and no oil was reading on the dip stick and he said keep driving because you have not reached the 1,000 mile mark. I then called the service manager and what the heck do you think the results would be if we kept driving with no oil, he then said it was ok to add oil. On another occasion I found that it appeared that they were over filling the oil, was it an accident? I am not quite sure.

There are many blogs and websites that other 2007 5.3L Chevy owners are complaining of the exact issues I have mention here.

I have brought this to the attention of our service representative and the service manager several times. They keep telling us we are following Chevrolet guidelines just to bear with them. I told the service manager I understand there are issues with cars, that does not bother me. What bothers me is that we have been fighting this issue for several years with no resolution.

One of the last repairs was the replacement of the pistons and rings which seems to have slowed down the consumption but not eliminated it. Now when we start the engine after it has sat for a while it makes a nasty ticking sound.

I think we deserve a new engine or a replacement vehicle.

If anyone out there has had this issue (Oil Consumption) and Chevy has resolved it please let me know.

Below I listed the documented trips to Chevy. (this does not include all of the drive bys at 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 increments)

Vehicle purchase June 22nd 2009 Chevy Certified

Electronic Running boards fail intermittently
Water leak reported (replaced seal)

Battery Died – Chevy Replaced
Rear camera fails intermittently
Rear electronic seat won’t fold up
Radio controls not working due to sticky buttons (never repaired)
Chevy Cleaned moldy headliner

Oil consumption reported to Chevy
Water leak still ongoing after repairs
Rear defrost wire broken (Chevy repaired)

Oil Consumption still ongoing
Chevy replaced left side valve cover
Drives side exterior door handle broke (Chevy repaired)

Oil consumption reported to Chevy
Chevy removed manifold and found no issues
Recall on windshield heater (Chevy Removed and disabled)

Provide Chevy with several Bulletins 10-06-01-008 Document ID 2524100
Oil consumption reported to Chevy (Chevy installed AFM Oil Deflector and cleaned carbon from cylinder)
Water leak still ongoing after repairs (Chevy repaired)
Electronic Running boards fail intermittently (still)

More bulletins reported to Chevy 01-06-01-011F and 07-06-01-007c

Oil light came on dash
Chevy replaced pistons and Rings
Replaced outer CV boot
Brake work done

Oil consumption low
Rear defrost wire broken (Chevy repaired again)

No oil on dip stick

Oil Consumption
Chevy replaced left valve cover with new design baffle

Low oil light came on again

PS we really would like to buy a new Camaro but with this trouble on the suburban not sure I still can count on Chevy

LETS START A CLASS ACTION or what ever it takes.

Come on Chevy we were die hard supporters and you are letting us down.
on January 28, 2013
My 2007 chevy suburban in the last two months has had the transmission replaced and today my engine seized. because of oil consumption. if there is a law suit against chevy i want in please. this car diffently was built unsafe and chevy needs to be stop building unsafe vehicles.
on December 17, 2009
I also have a 2007 Suburban, low oil light came on after the first 3000 miles. We added a quart, then took it into the dealer. The service manager told me that this was normal for the engine, and that they would have to monitor it every 500 miles to confirm. I am just glad that it's a leased vehicle, soon it will be someone else's problem. I had a 1999 Suburban for 8 years, 150000 miles, and never had to add oil. Same engine.
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on May 04, 2010
I have a 2007 Suburban which I purchased used. Did not take long for the oil light to come on. I use approx 1 quart every 600 miles. After sitting for 6 -8 hours, a great deal of blue smoke comes out of the tail pipe. Does not do it while driving. Have been working with my dealer tracking oil consumption. They finally agreed that something was wrong an asked me to leave it with them so their engine guy can do a diagnostic. The day i was going to take it in, i recieived a call and was told by the service guy that they had heard from GM regarding this issue and that they were providing a replacement part to be installed that would solve this problem. Strange that they know this will solve the problem when hey really do not know what the problem is....anyway....I am documenting and will not be satisfied until he problem is fixed.
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on June 24, 2010
Do you know what the part was? Did it resolve the issue?
on May 13, 2010
I have a 2007 Suburban 5.3L. I purchased the truck with 33K miles and was surprised to have the oil low light come on before my first oil change. I changed oil and soon found that it needed 1 qt between changes (3K intervals). Now with 54K miles the engine oil low light comes on approximately every 1000 miles. I have consistently added 1 qt as soon as the light comes one and continue to change oil at 3K intervals. I've owned many vehicles over the years (including a 1966 Internationsl Scout with over 150K miles) and have NEVER had anything use this much oil. Very dissappointing.
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on June 08, 2010
I have an 07 Sub and it has been loosing 1qt per 2000 miles since about 50,000 miles. Up to 1.5 qt in 3000 miles now. This is my 5th new Sub and never had one use oil before - something wrong with this 8 / runs on 4cyl engine I think. Local dealer is documenting every 1000 miles now. Its a shame as I avg 17 mpg and I pull a lot of stuff! I don't think paying for 6 qts of oil every 3000 mile change plus 1.5 inbetween is NORMAL to me!!!
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on June 30, 2010
I to have an 07 suburban, started burning at 70k about 1 1/2 quarts every 900 miles,,,,deal said bulletin out for bad rings, so they replaced and still burning
on May 16, 2010
I bought my 07 suburban new and have had oil leak/oil consumption issues from the start. 1st it was oil pan gasket. Then oil pan and rear cover were replaced due to defect during manufacturing. Then it was the front cover gahebsket leaking oil. Finally, the dealer said that GM has determined that the lifters are the cause for all of the issues. Supposedley, the lifters are pumping to much oil and GM is in the process of "re-engineering" the lifters for replacements. They originally told me parts would be ready Sept. 09. NOT! Then it was Dec. 09. NOT! Then it was March 2010. NOT! Now its Oct. 2010. We'll see. Regardless, I'm done with GM vehicles. This is second one in a row with serious issues. We had a 2005 GMC Yukon that had 3 steering gear boxes replaced in the first 36,000 miles. I buy new vehicles so I don't have to deal with issues like these. GM's response to the oil problem is pathetic.
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on May 04, 2010
I am having the same issue with mine!
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on September 06, 2010
I have a 2008 Suburban with 59,000 miles. I just took it in because the check engine light came on indicating low oil pressure while the engine oil life indicator says 43% oil life left (the dip stick was dry). Dealer changed oil and now wants to check oil consumption very 1,000 miles to see if it is within GM's "oil consumption guidelines." What a waste of time. There is definitely something very wrong with these new engines. I have owned a 1997 and 2004 and still own a 2002 with well over 100,000 miles and never have had any oil consumption issues. I am just glad I am getting this documented while under warranty.
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on September 22, 2010
Same issue with my 2007 Suburban. Dealer said there is a bulletin out on the oil comsumption issue, seems when the truck transistions from 8 cyl to 4 cyl mode oil is sprayed onto the pistons and is evaporated. They need to install a "deflector shield" (part is on back order) in the intake manifold. We'll see if that fixes the problem.
on November 20, 2010
Good afternoon.
I'm the owner of 10 suburbans and I am interested in what the dealer could fix on the problem, I have not had any kind of results with mine.
I would appreciate if you could please give me the up date.Thanks
on November 21, 2010
My dealer said it had to do with the v-8 to v-4 system and that when it goes to v-4 it was pumping to much oil to the other cylinders. GM said the fix was to install a splash shield in the oil pan, reprogram the ECU. Also, as part of the warranty repair GM has the dealer clean the bottom end of the motor. Apparently this problem causes excess sludge to build up in the motor. This is nothing close to what they told me was the problem when I was told that GM acknowledged that there was an issue. So far, I havent had to add oil like I was. I do wonder how it will hold up over time. I know for sure that my next purchase won't be a GM.
on November 22, 2010
thank you for your response
on December 04, 2010
We just had the same procedure performed on our 2007 Suburban but prior to the first oil change we have had to add 2 quarts. We now have 76000 miles nd I feel that GM is holding out for all of them to surpass the 100000 mile powertrain warrranty.
on December 04, 2010
Update on my posting from sept 6 above.
After three1,000 mile oil consumption checks the dealer admitted it was using too much oil. I think it was down more than 2 quarts.after the third check. I am now going to bring it in for new valve seals/rings which the dealer says may or may not fix the problem. You can smell the car burning oil after it has been running and you get out of the car.
on January 04, 2011
same problem here.Our 07 suburban has been in the dealership7 times for this problem this year alone.They replaced the rings once then the pistons,no fix.Then they replace the #1,3 and # 6 plugs,fouled from oil.Then they said the fix came out and installed the shield.After 1 month back in the shop some fix.Hve been fighting with GM and they seem to not want to admitt anything or do anything.We had 3 other suburbans never had a problem with any.Now we have a lawyer involved so hopefully something may get done,but not holding our breath.We are into our 3rd oil consumption test,what a joke and a waste of my time.Tke a look and see how many used 07 suburbans are out there on lots,you would think Gm would help us all.Maybe we all need to band together and start something,any suggestions were to start????
on January 05, 2011
you i sold mine already for that reason!
on January 06, 2011
service bulletin number 10-06-01-008a for the deflector “fix”
It hasn't fixed my 2007 suburban. Now it's time to push for a new set of rings & pistons. Just wondering what else will go wrong after they pull the engine apart and all wiring harnesses. Sure seems like additional headaches will start!

on January 20, 2011
Dealing with this for a year and a half, multiple trips, first three were filed as a couldnt find a leak problem by the dealership, then 1000 miles test one after another, then piston seals repair, then test again, still problem, then plugs fouled, then test again, still problem, deflector fix, still problem, test again, still a problem, then transmission disaster and claiming no relations with all the problems and warranty is up in 5000 miles, boy are they stringing this out to the end, but in legal action now. Document everything as there is no corrective repair, take legal action, they think nobody will persue but with all the same cause and results they need to step to the plate and do something. We will see and I will respond as I get clarification by legal and we will get results.
on February 03, 2011
Please keep us informed. Appreciate any legal info you learn .
on April 12, 2011
I am having the exact same issues, I have been dealing with our dealership for over 2.5 years now. I have about 70 K miles and have been into the dealership multiple times for oil consumption tests, oil deflector installed, more oil consumtion tests, replacment of rings and pistons. My truck is also produceing a large plume of blue smoke on start up even after all this has been work has been done. I am at my wits end. Has any one started the lemon process or know how to start?
on April 28, 2011
Oh boy! I have always wanted a Suburban. Found a 2007 recently for a really good price. I have put about a 1000 miles on it and the oil light comes on. I checked consumer reports and talked with people no one had mentioned this. However I checked my oil and it is not low! Going to take to dealer tomorrow to get the oil changed and document the oil light coming on. Good Luck Everyone
on April 23, 2012
I just convinced my dealer my 2007 Suburban had an oil consumption issue. 1 quart per 1444 miles. Key points if you are having the same. At the start of the test take the service manager out to the truck to agree where the oil mark is starting on the dip stick. With me it was about a 1/4 inch above the fill line. When you take it back to have oil added observe the tech adding the oil. The tech only added oil to the fill line, when I showed him the agreed start level. That made the difference. Now let's see if it can be fixed. What a headache
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on May 14, 2011
No not normal. GM has a series of fixes they have to follow. 1st is a baffel in the oil pan, also make sure that you have the update valve cover on the left side of the engine with the larger pvc port, if oil consumption continues the next step is to replace the pistons.
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on May 23, 2012

I to have a 07 Chevy Suburban that burns through the oil brought it in many times with one fix “splash guard” before the warranty expired brought it back in same problem only to be have the fix pushed off until after the 100000 mile mark by delaying with consumption test. At that point they replaced the rings and pistons, a few thousand miles later had the #3 cylinder misfiring at 107000miles come to find out the cam is shot and the lifters! They are not covering it due to being over and are only willing to do a 50-50 repair stating they fixed the oil consumption problem and worn out cam and lifters are another issue. I need a good lawyer!
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on August 24, 2010
I'm having the same issue with my 2005 suburban, big cloud of smoke upon start up and burning a quart every 500 to 1000 miles. Deal says they cannot find any issue.
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on September 10, 2010
My 07 Sub is using aprox. 2.5 qts every 3,000. Bought used with 89,000 miles on it. Wished I had researched but was confident that chey was a good product. Luckly the local dealer stated that the engine had a 100,000 mile warrenty. In process of oil consumption test b-4 warrenty runs out. Sounds like GM needs to step up to the plate and do what is right. These vehicles are not cheap!!!!!
on September 10, 2010
We have a 07 Suburban that is going through the GM circus that is trying to get something fixed with a warranty. The oil consumption test was good the first 500 miles but the second time that we took it in was 800 miles later, it had used a quart and a half in that time. That makes a person nervous when you are 150 miles from home and you are pulling a trailer not knowing if you are going to burn your engine up on the way home. So the local dealer has it and they say that it has to do with the automatic fuel management system, that shuts of four cylinders when you are cruising. They are changing that. But if GM does not know what is causing this problem, where are we gonna be in about 6000 or 8000 miles. Back at square one. I have also been told by my mechanic and by a major engine company that the motor needs to be replaced. So what does that tell you about the 2007 5.3 liter motor that is in there.
on January 10, 2011
We have a 2007 suburban and it started losing oil at 50k miles. They are saying that its typical loss....but it never happened before. Its been a pain trying to get the oil consumption test every 500 miles and they seem not motivated to fix the problem...there fix is to put a pan from "splashing" oil.....bummer!!
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on January 27, 2011
I had the shield installed and the engine cleaned per GM. IT DID NOT WORK!!!! I drove 875 miles and had to add oil and now GM is running another oil consumption test.Does anybody know if a class action suit is in the works because I am so done with this vehicle.
on February 03, 2011
I think a class action suit would get there attention, the last thing GM needs now would be bad press.
I don't know how to start one but would gladly join ..... !
on May 31, 2011
I have a 07 suburban have been in and out of dealership for over 2 years now for oil consumption. They did all there fixes and last one was piston and rings and it still burns oil. So I hired an attorney to start a lawsuit against GM. Maybe this will get there attention. My suburban only has 29000 miles and they drag me around so in new York I cant use the lemon law because you must claim in first 2years or 18000 miles. If anyone wants my lawyers name I will get it to you. He has 3 of us already, the more we have the better the shot. Good luck to all who have this problem.
on February 04, 2011
had the same issue...then it got worse, they put on new lifters, problem persisted. They finally put in new pistons...last night the drive shaft broke. My payment is over $800 per month and I'm tired of this. What can we do???
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on December 29, 2016
i have the same problem on my 2nd suburban

Gm is a piece of you know! never again. buy something else
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on June 10, 2018
This was happening to me my 2007 suburban 1500 Liz. One day the engine started knocking. It turns out it is all about the 4cyclinder mode of the engine. I replaced engine without the flex fuel option and had to get the computer reprogrammed to accept it. I figure it was the only way to resolve issue.
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