Q: 2007 Chevrolet Suburban excessive oil consumption on 2007 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

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Mine has been using excessive oil since less than 10,000 miles. First PCV valve replaced. Then service bulletin number 10-06-01-008a for the deflector “fix”
It hasn't fixed my 2007 suburban. Now we push for a new set of rings & pistons.

Has anyone really had it fixed yet?

(3) Answers
Is the truck started to use oil suddenly? Could you tell us what kind of oil are you using, weight, mineral or synthetic?
Is there excessive smoking? Does it blows a lots of smoke when you start it up at the first time?
Did anyone performed a compression and leak-down test before?

I to have a 07 Chevy Suburban that burns through the oil brought it in many times with one fix “splash guard” before the warranty expired brought it back in same problem only to be have the fix pushed off until after the 100000 mile mark by delaying with consumption test. At that point they replaced the rings and pistonsat 101000 miles, a few thousand miles later had the #3 cylinder misfiring at 107000miles come to find out the cam is shot and the lifters! They are not covering it due to being over and are only willing to do a 50-50 repair stating they fixed the oil consumption problem and worn out cam and lifters are another issue. I think I need a good lawyer!

I have 2014 ltz suburban replaced valve rocker cover left side pcv malfunction oil leak 20,000 miles
Plug black bank 1