Q: 2007 4 runner back hatch will not open on 2007 Toyota 4Runner

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My back hatch will not open. It worked fine then all of the sudden it stopped. I have disconnected the battery thinking that would reset it. Did not work. I have tried made sure the back window was completely rolled up. Did not work. I have put the key in the back hatch to make sure it was not in Valet mode. I can hear it trying to open but it wont...Is there a safety lock or something on those?
(1) Answer
The auto windows and rear hatch may need a "calibration". When battery power is removed the auto windows will require recalibration.
The instructions are in the owners manual.
The hatch door can be opened (and window rolled down) by inserting the key in the hatch door and turning fully counterclockwise and hold. The door will unlock and window will begin to open. Release the key to stop the window. Turn fully clockwise and hold to roll the window up and lock the hatch door.

After losing battery power you will need to lower any window halfway that has the auto function. then raise the window to close it while holding the auto button for a few seconds. This will reset the auto feature on each window/sunroof.