2006 toyota sienna fan run and it is not running hot. do not have heat.
2006 Toyota Sienna

2006 Toyota Sienna fan run and it is not running hot.
Do not have heat.

(2006 Toyota Sienna)
in the Toyota it do not have heat. Can hear fan running, but the thermostatic gauge is steady. the needle ran high and then suddenly fell. After I put some anti freeze in it, the gauge went back to a normal, yet I can hear the fan steadily running. It do not leak at all. Check oil to see if there was any water in oil and if I blowed a gasket it was not. It smell as though it running hot if I drive it. Check engine light is not on. If you can help me to identify the this problem i will be appreciative, or if you can give some insight on what the problem maybe.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? can not identify
How long have you had this problem? month
Tags: will not heat, fan steady running, smell as though it is ov, yet it is not, toyota, sienna
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