Q: 2006 Sebring slips or shudders into gear but doesn't slip out. on 2006 Chrysler Sebring

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I get a "shudder" when the transmission shifts 1st to 2nd, seems like it's slipping when it goes into gear. It does engage smoothly after that, and thankfully doesn't slam in when it does. It's an '06 Sebring with 110,000 miles. Problem only started recently. Intermittent at first, but more consistent now.
Can this be repaired, or does it tend toward full tranny replacement?
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It's never had a trans-specific servicing beyond checking fluid level on oil change/lube (just had that done this week, but had already noticed the problem a couple months ago). Today the fluid level's fine (slightly below the "cold" line when I started it to check it after sitting for six hours), fluid color is pinkish-clear and no smell whatsoever. Texture is smooth, except for maybe what feels like a super micro-fine, barely detectable grit, so fine I hesitated to mention it.
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