Q: 2006 Chevy Aveo - DRL will not turn off - on 2006 Chevrolet Aveo

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Have to pull fuse every time I turn off engine. Can I locate/remove the DRL module myself and if so, will the headlights still work?
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The module is under the dash to the right of center console. It has 6 wires do to it, org,yel,grn,blk,brn,pnk, &wht. Yes the headlights will still work.
OK - Do I just pull it out? I've read some online answers that talk about removing the battery cable, re-routing wires, etc. I'm a bit nervous and don't want to shock myself or short circuit something. So again, Do I just yank out the module to disable the DRL? This has become a true nuisance - have to remove the fuse for the headlights every time I turn off the car!
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Just un plug the connector and protect the open end of the connector so it wont ground out against something else. Maybe cover open end with electrical tape. It's only 12volts, just make sure your not wet when removing the connector.
Darn! Located the assembly, but my arms arm are too short to maneuver up to reach it! How do I remove the lower console cover so I can better access the DRL module?
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