Q: 2006 A6 with Transmission issues.....Cost to replace the transmission? on 2000 Audi A6 Quattro

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Brother in law offered me car at what seems a great price...but I worry about cost to repair/replace Transmission
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We just replaced one and it ran almost $6000 for the job, sorry to say. By the way, these cars can be very expensive to own, so be prepared, much like a BMW or Mercedes.

here are some shops:
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If it requires a trans it will be expensive so the important decision is; What is the overall condition of the car? It may be a good value if the trans is the only item but would be a bad value if you also need to do brakes, tires, timing belt, etc. If you can operate the car I would be happy to drive it and perform a visual inspection on it for you.

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