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Q: 2005 Mazda Tribute engine failure in rainy weather on 2005 Mazda Tribute

For about four to five months my tribute hasn't ran right in the rain. The engine would stall and spit and sputter. After the weather cleared up so would the engine. Finally the other day I was driving it in the rain and it just dies on me. It wouldnt start back up. Rented a device that gave me different codes and it said that none of my coils were firing. We changed the front sparkplugs and coils and still wont start. Does anyone have a clue?
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The rain and moisture in general brings out the worst in coils. The insulation of the rubber boot that goes into the cylinder - when compromised - will leak spark - a ton. This could still be an issue with your "back" bank of cylinders. Replace the plugs and coils all around (or at least the coil boots) and recheck.
I changed all of them today and still wont start. Any other ideas out there. I am getting desperate.....
OK. If your coils are not firing, and you can verify that, you could have an issue with the crankshaft position sensor (CKP sensor). This would be what provides the signal to fire the coils. Following the crank-no-start pin point test, this is the next line of testing to perform with a diagnostic tester. You basically check for engine RPM during cranking while monitoring the processor. If there is no RPM noted, then you go to the CKP testing.

You could throw a CKP sensor at it, but I really wouldn't do anything without testing.

There is a Service Bulliten calling to replace the engine processor (PCM) for radio interference from the spark plugs, but that would just give you a check engine light, not a no start, so I won't suggest that.

Hope this helps with some direction...
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