Q: 2005 Ford 500 Hard Steering on 2005 Ford Five Hundred

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My grandmother has a 2005 Ford 500 that she bought new ,has 95000 kms on it .
It very suddenly became hard to steer ,I checked fluid ,seemed clean and was full .The pump is quiet and car does steer from lock to lock ,just with an increased amount of effort ,seems as though it is binding .
Do these cars suffer from the same problem as the F150 of similar year ,where the steering shaft joints seize and cause tight spots in the steering ?
Any help would be appreciated .
Thanks Fred
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have VIN# for car to see if any recalls for related issues. should bring to mechanic for diagnostic. i can only guess an air lock in steering system. tech. will know sure after a look.
Thanks for the reply ,I am a heavy truck mechanic .
Just looking to see if there was a common ailment for these cars before I start to dig deeper .We have a couple 07 F-150s for service trucks and the joint in the steering shaft was seizing and causing a very similar problem .
Thanks again .
There are no open recalls on the car .The power steering system hasn't been opened other then to have a look and smell of the fluid ,the car does sit a lot though .
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