Q: 2004 Trailblazer LS. ABS and break light all of a sudden came and air stopped on 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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mechanic said there is no power to ABS system and therefore not able to pinpoint problem. All fuses are good. At the same time of starting the vehicle, the airconditioner stopped blowing. He said that the condensor is fine just the blower stopped.
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Make sure you have checked all the fuses. There is an ABS 60A fuse, a 40A BLOWER fuse, a 30A ELEK BRK fuse and a 10A A/C fuse in the underhood fuse block, and then there is a 10A HVAC B fuse in the rear fuse block. Also, the ground for the EBCM (G304, a chassis ground) has had problems. The ground is located on the frame rail, left hand side, under approximately where the driver door is. Make sure it is clean and tight. The other known problem with these is the B+ (batt voltage) Bus Bar in the underhood fuse box. Take a test light hooked to ground, turn the key on, and test ALL the fuses in both fuse blocks and check the ground. If you don't find a problem, check the power bus bar in the underhood fuse box. If that turns up nothing, then you have 2 unrelated problems that just happened to go at the same time (unlikely). Let me know what you find.
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