Q: 2004 Mountaineer rear AC ceilng vents only blow hot air on 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

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I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. The air conditioner blows cold air fine through the front vents and the vent at the rear of the center console. The blower and temperature for the rear ceiling vents is controlled by a temperature dial and a decade fan switch above the front wndshield. The problem is the vents in the rear ceiling only blow hot air no matter what the temperature setting is. What's causing this and how do I fix it ? Thank you for any help you can give.
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There could be a fault in the motor that controls temperature control in the rear, called blend door actuator. This is the area I would begin checking out.
Thanks for the info!
Where is the blend door actuator located? Would this be a second blend door actuator from the blend door actuator that controls the main dash vents and the vents in the rear of the console? The vents that blow hot air are in the rear in the ceiling. The dash and console vents seem to work ok.
Would the blend door actuator for the rear ceiling vents be located near the rear vent controls? The temperature and fan controls for the rear ceiling vents are located above the front windshield in the ceiling in a console where the garage door opener is located.