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2004 Ford Freestar

(2004 Ford Freestar)
in Pompano Beach, FL on February 26, 2009
Power steering fluid is leaking and I was told that the leak was from the pressure hose. My daughter went to Ford to purchase the hose for replacement and was told that they no longer make these parts. How can you have a vehicle on the road and not make parts for repair? What am I supposed to do?
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on February 26, 2009
Ford still makes the part but they're currently on back order, Ford's supplier is overdue on the parts. The application for the high pressure hose goes through Jan, 07.

Here is something you can do if you're certain it is the high pressure line leaking. Many auto parts houses can make, or know of a hydraulic hose shop that can make a custom line for you. In most cases, you'll need to bring the old hose in so they can copy the shape and fittings. Most hydraulic hose shops are in the phone book as well, they just aren't listed under auto parts stores. hope this helps!
on March 20, 2009
Thanks for sharing Bill! Great information, hopefully people can find the pressure hose they need (and hopefully the recyclers don't catch on to the demand). Hopefully Ford can get their supplier squared away. These days with lean manufacturing and low inventory levels, a manufacturer of anything can be crippled if their supplier gets behind
on March 09, 2009
Unfortunately there are no easy solutions to this problem right now. The part is on back order & none of the dealerships can get them. The van is too new for aftermarket manufacturers to have started making the part yet so it's a dealer-only thing. This is a direct result of the economic crunch and why GM & Dodge are asking for bailout money. The hoses are made by a small company that Ford spun-off just to make high-pressure lines. They're on the verge of bankruptcy and to try and stay afloat they've laid-off a LOT of workers and cut production. The few hoses they *are* making are all going into new vans coming off the assembly line and none are going to the parts departments so everyone who needs one gets their name added to the back order list. As of last week there were just shy of 500 high-pressure lines on back order nationally. Normally the thing to do would be to have a custom hose made up at a parts or hose shop but compounding the backorder problem is the issue that Ford chose to use a new/different type of fitting for this particular application (instead of the standard double flared hardline it uses a seal inside of a captive nut. That seal is what's been failing and causing these problems) and those fittings cannot be purchased anywhere yet because they're proprietary, so you CAN'T have a new hose made. For the time being the only way to fix it is going to be to find a hose from a salvage yard. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of Freestars in the yards yet and when they DO arrive the power steering hoses are usually cut when they remove the engine/transmission or the steering rack. You'll have to hope you can find someone with an intact Freestar that they'll remove the hose from and in the worst case you'll have to get the stub end of a hose that's been cut and have a hose shop splice it onto your old hose.
on March 20, 2009
Just a follow-up to my previous post: I spent a day last week calling around to local junkyards with no success. fortunately several of them were plugged into national networks and I WAS able to get phone numbers for several out-of-state junkyards that had 05' freestars in their yards. The first yard I contacted had the hose & was willing to pull it but they refused to ship it to a residential address. They *were* willing to ship it to a shop and I could have gone that route but to be frank I only brought it to a garage because the van is currently our only vehicle and I was willing to pay the premium of having someone else wrench on it in order to have it repaired as quickly as possible. When I brought it in the shop mgr told me he was "almost certain" they could do the job for less than $500. The second junkyard I called also had the part and WAS willing to ship it to my home. I paid $50 for the hose & $15 shipping. Ford quoted me $86 for the new and unobtainable hose. I spoke to the junkyard last Thursday and had the hose in-hand on Monday. On Tues it took me about 3 hrs to remove the old hose & install the new one. Problem fixed. Total cost of the repair was $65. Most garages aren't willing to take the time required to call around nationally looking for a used part but I think it took me about 2, maybe 3 hrs of calling to find it. compared to an indefinite wait for the factory part I found this to be acceptable. I would recommend going this route for anyone who's in the same boat of having a big shiny lawn ornament that they're making monthly payments on. You can track down & get the part yourself and either have a shop install it or do the job yourself. For anyone considering this the power steering pressure hose from an 04', 05', 06' or 07' Ford Freestar or Mercury Monterey is the part you need. according to NHTSA Ford recalled *some* of the 04' Freestars with the claim that the pressure hose did not always seat correctly. This is something of a little white lie. The hose uses some sort of proprietary fitting that has an integral seal (as opposed to all the other power steering hoses manufactured since the dawn of the automotive age that all used a standard fitting and flared hardline. THAT type of hose could indeed fail to seat) and it is this seal that fails and causes the hose to leak. If a standard type hose were used you could indeed just reseat the fitting & be done with it but apparently the Better Idea people had a better idea.

Sorry for the rambling post but I hope the info helps someone. Additionally I have also filed a complaint with my State Attorney General's office and I agree that Ford should be forced to acknowledge the problem and widen the recall.
on March 20, 2009
I am having the same problem and I have contacted Ford Motor Company directly to get a resolution. If you are like me you are still making payments on a vehicle that you cannot drive. Dale Jarrett Ford in Indian Trail, NC put on my work order that I should not drive my van because it could catch on fire and suggested that I rent a car. I told Ford how can I rent a car when I am paying $450 a month for a vehicle I cannot drive. The lady at Ford has had weekly communication with me and I am supposed to hear back from her today. There was a recall on this problem back in 2003 however "My VIN number is not part of that recall". The Ford dealership made me pay in advance for a part that they do not know when they will get in. My last communication that I had with them they said the manufacturer was shipping 14 parts out of the 474 that were currently on back order. I also filed a complaint with the NTHSA because that is where recalls get started. If everyone else does the same maybe our VIN numbers can get included in the recall. I have 81k miles on my van and I feel I should still have alot of years out of it. Let's use the sqeaky wheel gets the grease mentality and everyone call Ford to complain. I was told by a Ford parts distributer today that the parts are supposed to come off of backorder on April 20th.
on March 25, 2009
I am making progress on my vehicle with Ford on my side. Kathy from Ford Motor Company checks in with me 1-2 times a week with a followup. I have been told that I should have a part by the end of next week, April 3rd. If you have not already contacted Ford about your vehicle I would highly recommend doing this. The more noise we make the more action we get. Ford Motor Company number is 866-631-3788
on April 14, 2009
I was able to get my Freestar repaired. Once they took the part off to send to a local machine shop to make the part the compared it to other parts in the Parts Department and found one from a newer Freestar that was just a bit shorter. The put this one on and so far I have not had any problems. Plus using the Ford part I have a 12000 mile 12 month warranty. If they would have used a machine shop to build the part I would have only had the warranty that the machine shop offered. I don't think had I not got Ford Motor Company involved that it would have gotten resolved this quickly.
on July 25, 2010
Remove the line and take to a hydraulic hose repair shop, they should be able to fix it
on May 11, 2015
Clear black looking fluid leeking on right side engine area can't tell were or what the fluid is coming from
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