Q: 2003 S430 base that sounds like a diesel. on 2003 Mercedes-Benz S430

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The car performs great otherwise. The noise seemed to start when I put some regular gas in it one time even though I have used ultra premium ever since. Am I in big trouble?
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Thanks for your reply. I do not know what kind of oil is in there or how old it is but it looks dark purple and syntietic. I bought the car 4000 miles ago (112k now). Because I did not know the answer to that question I have scheduled an oil change at a Mercedes shop for tomorrow.
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You're welcome.
You have to use the right kind of oil in those vehicles. They're very sensitive. I have the same car. You have to baby them.
Your "diesel" like sound problem is due to the fault of bearing in the clutch of AC compressor.
You need to replace a clutch or AC compressor in whole.
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