Q: 2003 Malibu antitheft problem on 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

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I will pay anyone in Missouri if they can fix my car!!!

2003 Malibu with aftermarket radio not factory antitheft system siren goes off keyfob wont work if u pull the door handle all the doors unlock I have tried everything on google and youtube nothing works!! sometimes security light flashes stays steady or goes out car will not turn over just crank please help can some one walk me through this process please????? I HAVE 3 IGNITIONS AND ANOTHER BCM PLEASE HELP!!!!!! CONTACT ME AT
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I am not in MO. but if i were i would remove the aftermarket alarm and toss it in the garbage for you!!
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I was trying to figure out last night if the radio was not factory or the anti theft was not factory.
Me too,, still dont really know.! Says it has a siren, dont think factory had one but not sure......of anything much anymore!
There was a manufacture recall on the ignition switch for 2003 Malibus. This affects the anti-theft on the cars. We are in the process of the same thing. I HATE that anti-theft!!!