Q: 2003 lincoln Navigator cannot get OBD II connection on 2003 Lincoln Navigator

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I hooked my OBD Scanner in the Computer Data Link under the right side of the drivers side and my ODB does not even turns on. I tried the same OBD scanner in my Chevy and it does work. Any one has a battery keeps on dying also even a brand new one. Thank you
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Thank you. The battery was dead then went to Auto Zone as I noted the battery was swollen. Replaced. Now another friend us telling me that also is the Alternator but after changing the battery, plugging the OLD was not turning it on. Tried on another vehicle and the OLD is working fine
Well i still ask, is the battery dead 'now'? Check engine light come on in the dash? Crank and run ok? Headlighs and other stuff working?
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Your code puller isn't even turning on? It should pick up power on pin 16 of the ALDL and pins 4 and 5 are grounds. Check your power socket (lighter) and see if you have power there. You might just have a blown fuse.