Q: 2003 Cadillac Deville replacing plenum boot . And 8 seals ? on 2003 Cadillac DeVille

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I am replacing the plenum boot but im not sure what the eight seals are for . possibly intake ? they are kind of squared kind of simular to an o ring , my mom picked these up at the cadillac dealer they are oem . these particular ones are blue in color. also do I need to purchase the special fuel line removal tool to do this job . or will I even need to remove or separate the fuel lines for this repair . Just unsure till I get under the hood maybe it will make a little more sense .
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Yes you have to by a fuel line disconnect tool. Also there are 3 bolts holding on the throttle body take them loose they are a 10mm but before doing this take off the top of the air cleaner is the fuel rail there are 4 bolts on top of it and one on the side where you disconnect the lines also 10mm spray some kind of penitrating oil spray on the rubber seals on the fuel rails and disconnect any wires that are attached to it pull up and wiggle at the same time carefully the tor on the intake is. 8ft pounds
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